Five Hat Racks - Organizing information

Organizing information like products in a webshop, employees, news articles etc. can be done in 5 ways. In his book “information Anxiety” Richard Saul Wurman coins the term “The Five Hat Racks” referring to the hats being information and the racks being ways to organize the hats.

Getting flexy with the Flexbox Framework

A while ago when the flexbox layout engine was a hope and a dream for the future i created a Pen. It was mainly to try and get a feel for what might one day be the way we build websites.

Fillerup Plugin

Fillerup makes the height of all selected elements exactly equal to the height of the browser window. With the ability to define min and max height as well as a subtracted value.

Toro A Lightweight WordPress Theme

Toro is designed to make the life of developers easier. It’s built using HTML5 & has a strong semantic foundation. It was updated recently using some of the HTML5 Boilerplate’s recommended markup and setup. It’s constantly growing so be sure to check back often if you are a frequent user. I’m always open to contribution. :)

Compass Cheat Sheet

Compass is an open-source CSS authoring framework that gives you acces to a wide range of reusable patterns and mixins for creating advanced css i a breeze. I use Compass on a daily basis for nearly every project. I have compiled this list of my most commonly used tools in the compass library.

Motiongraphics Reel 2013

This is a compilation of animation and motiongraphics work i have done over the past year or so. Most of it is personal projects since much of what i make for clients is bound by various copyrights etc.

Miss Løkken

I wanted to make this like a grungy movieposter. A very limited color palette combined overlayed with halftone patterns, dirt, smudges.

Diskotek New York Video

The Night Club “Diskotek New York” wanted a few short clips to advertise events on inhouse tv-screens and video walls. To keep it interesting each of the clips had a different style based on a wide variety of inspiration sources. Here are a bunch of stills from the clips.